09 Nov

Yardstick of Truth

The words seem to jump off the page and move around in front of me.

…received the message with great eagerness…

…examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true…. {Acts 17:11}

I am struck to the core…almost dumbfounded for a moment…they checked Paul’s words against the Scriptures to see if what he said was true. Paul. Paul who wrote almost a  third of the New Testament. Paul who is our go-to guy for doctrine, law, conduct and more…Paul.

And I begin to wonder how I receive what is taught to me. Am I eager when I listen to a message preached or taught?? Do I take notes, write down references, list my questions and wait with excitement  to hear God’s truth. The answer, sometimes. Sometimes I am eager to hear what the pastor, speaker or teacher is ready to bring. Other times I’m checked out {a million excuses for my brain being somewhere else} or I’m distracted {squirrel!!}.

Eager. I need to work on that.

I’m ashamed to admit to my Jesus that I’m not eager to hear the truth of His love, sacrifice and my need  for Him…at least not all the time.

But there is something bigger about these words jumping off the page. Something convicting…nearly painful.

Do I examine the Scriptures to see if what I’m being “fed” is true? Not just point to the verse in my Bible as someone reads it or plugs it into a sermon or crafts a beautiful paragraph on the pages of the latest book….really check to see if they measure up to the Bible…meanings, context, continuity of the Bible as a whole.

No.  The answer is no.

The Bereans {the people mentioned in Acts 17:11} checked everything against the Scripture (they had) to see if what he was saying was true. Paul. The man of God whose hand penned words that God gave to speak straight into our lives.  Wow!!

Don’t get me wrong. I know that I am supposed to check what Pastors, speakers, teachers, books, etc. say. I do know that, but I don’t practice it enough.

But lately….

Somewhere deep in my soul there are nudges, bumps, alarms and whistles going off….there are things that don’t sit well with me. And I pray…ask…beg…God to help me find the Truth, see the Truth…know the Truth.

And then today, these words begin to come off the page.




A reminder…an answer…the Truth is in my hands…those books, speakers, concepts, teachings that grieve my Spirit…it is to this yardstick they have to be held.

Does it hold up?? Is it true?

Not just was the Bible open when they preach, is the verse(s) they are using actually about that subject matter…not some sort of holy Mad Libs where we plug-in verses that have the right words in the sentences.

Not just that they put it up on the screen, but is the really in the Bible {my Bible} where they say it is. What version are they using?

So my stack of books has gotten bigger. These books that are shaping ministries, changing lives and being passed around in frenzied chatter…they’ve got my attention. I’m checking scripture, verifying concepts, and just seeing for myself that they are true.

Am I the only one that gets lax about this? Do you check the sources that are speaking into your life? I mean really check? I encourage you, if you don’t already, please start. We trust so many to speak to us — so many sources — but we need to know that they are worthy of that trust. And even after we know they are worthy of that trust, they are human…mistakes will be made and we need to be so into the Word of God that we can find the Truth and help hold each other accountable.

I want to become a woman who is eager to receive the message that God has to deliver to me {however that comes}. I want to be a woman who measures everything against the yardstick of the Truth!!


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