29 Aug

What is Your Proudest Accomplishment?

My husband’s arm around me, I sat consumed by grief.

My father was speaking. Recounting tales of my grandfather’s life. And while I strained to listen, to hear. To follow along and agree. My heart was twisting and turning inside my chest. The overwhelming tide of grief left me breathless and aching.

Yet, a sentence burrowed its way into my heart. Into my brain. Nearly a week later it seems to echo in my mind.

“Perhaps my father’s proudest accomplishment was marrying my mother.” I knew the moment he spoke the words there was great truth there. And a week later, the more I remember of my grandparents — of their life, love and marriage. The more I know my dad was right.














My grandfather took his roles of business man, provider, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather seriously. He worked hard and loved well. But nothing compared to his love for my grandmother. They would flirt, hold hands, laugh, and were utterly dependent on each other — even as her memory failed and their bodies weakened. He was her protector, her lover, her confidant, her comforter, her husband. Her Paul.

And this year as we said goodbye to my grandparents. My husband’s arms were always there to comfort me, to hold me. He dried my tears, kissed me tenderly, and whispered gently when grief robbed me of smiles and joy. He made me laugh. Brought me chocolate. He loved me…loves me…well.

The other day, hunky hubby and I were discussing my grandfather’s proudest accomplishment. And that green-eyed boy, flashed his sweet smile at me and said, “I know how he feels. You are the best thing I’ve ever done, babe.” Breathless. Eyes full of tears. I grabbed his hand. Oooh…he loves me well.

Not take away from the crazy romantic things my man tells me, but…shouldn’t we all feel that way. Shouldn’t the closest relationship God blesses us with on earth define who we are. And in that definition shouldn’t it become the thing we are most proud of in this life? Not that our marriages should usurp God’s role in our life {or how that changes and defines us}, but rather through our relationship with Christ it should be at the top of the list. When we describe ourselves {either in word or in deed and how our life is lived} shouldn’t the list read, (1) Christ, (2) Wife to hunky hubby…and on down the plethora of things and relationships we claim?













{OOH, that I might always wear that look about marriage and his promise of forever!!}


When we value something, take pride in something, cherish something…it is easy for the world to see. Isn’t it? We slap bumper stickers on our cars; we update our statuses; we text, tweet, talk; we share it in ink on our skin and letters on our t-shirts; we buy tickets, watch it on tv, and listen in the car. We live, breath, and blab it. How many of those words…those moments are devoted to building up your spouse, to praising the good, to being honest in the hard stuff, in pursuit of loving well?

I’m not great at it. This making sure the world knows…that my husband knows…there is nothing more important than our marriage and our love in Christ. But I am trying. And in honor of my grandparents reunion in the heavenlies I have redoubled my efforts.

My efforts to live like my hunky hubby is the best thing I’ve got…cuz he is. {I’ve even dedicated a board on Pinterest to reminders of our love, dreams for us, and ideas for how to love him better…how’s that for l-o-v-e! 🙂 } In all sincerity, I will try harder to pray for him (and our marriage); to respect him in word and deed (no more complaining or eyerolling…in his presence or out of it); to meet his needs first; to laugh at his corny jokes (remember, no eyerolling); to honor him in front of our children; and to hold his hand whenever he’s in arm’s length.














Because one day our children will stand at our funeral {hunky hubby has informed me we will die peacefully in our sleep the same night so we don’t have to face life without each other…I know, “awwww” right??} and they will reflect on our lives. It is my hope, my prayer, that it will be said…they loved Jesus and boy did they love each other.

That my friends, will be a life well lived.


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  1. Oh Wendy~There is joy in you. I’m really trying to find the love that God has given me here and I do feel that your prayers are helping. Thank you for being you and for loving me. I love you Wendy, you are beautiful!

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