31 Oct

The Burden of Privilege

My mind flashed to a recent picture I’d seen of a child sleeping on the streets. Little body tightly balled-up to keep out the cold and ward off the evil that lurks in the dark. I saw his face, his cheeks his mama should kiss good night, pressed against the gravel.

My words caught in my throat. Tears stung my eyes.

In mid sentence my prayer hung in the air…waiting.

In the middle of the sentence thanking God for warm fires, piles of blankets on little bodies and movies nights I saw this boy’s face. His body. His life.

Such a stark contrast my life and his. His life and my children’s life.

Burdened with the guilt of privilege (or just geography?), I struggle. We have so much. And so many with so little.

When there are babies growing into men that do not know a mother’s love or a father’s gentle guidance.

When there are girls selling themselves for money for food for tomorrow, or sold for tomorrow’s food, that don’t know a loving touch or a secure, unconditional love.

When a mother’s hope for her child rests in the hands of strangers and a life lived apart.

When a little boy sleeps in the streets, rummages through the dump for food and knows nothing of a world where warmth, food and love are everyday things.

What then?

When you can’t sleep? And you can’t change the world?

What then?


I pray.

I do the next thing Jesus puts in front of me. For now the steps seem small — writing to our Compassion kids, educating myself (and others), and I pray some more.

I read amazing books and blogs of people all over the world shining a Holy light into the darkest corners. Of caring for others and loving like and for Jesus. Changing the world one heart, one step at a time.

And I know, at least for now, that is not the call on my life.

My call is here – homeschool, home front. And I walk the path God is unfolding, wondering and waiting….where does all this lead?

For tonight. It leads to tears and prayers.

I pray that Jesus will kiss that little boy’s face, and put people in his life to show him Love.

I pray that God takes my burdened heart and privileged life and shows me what to do with them…for Him.

I pray that God stirs the church to act, to love, to battle the forces of evil (as they wage war with famine, hunger, human trafficking, poverty, and more).

Will you pray with me? Will you ask God to show you what you can do with your life?

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