17 Jul

Spirit Led Homeschooling Planning

After a week of plans that went awry and trips to the ER (yeah everyone’s okay…just life with peanuts!), I’ve settled in on the couch surrounded by books, planners, highlighters, pencils, stickies, my laptop and big ideas!!

That’s right mamas, I am connecting the dots of our homeschool year.

Spirit led planning

I must admit when I get to see it in little snippets and piles I get so excited. SOOOO excited. Think of their worlds being stretched, the concepts they’ll wrestle with, the history they’ll breathe in. I could nearly bust and I get soooooooooooo full of ideas. I put big plans on paper. Stickies of field trips. Lists of books and videos. All kinds of things to supplement our already great curriculum and busy schedules.

And then God whispers….

And I look at the piles and wonder. Am I planning God right out our lives? Do I fill our days with stuff and concepts and take out room for Spirit-led discovery and simple moments of joy that are essential to our life?

I’m a planner. I like lists and books, calendars and guides. God knows that…He made me that way. But He’s teaching me to use my powers for good! To use the gifts He gave me to honor Him, not allowing them to become a substitute for Him.

I don’t know what the picture of our year will look like, until its over. It is like every day is a puzzle piece, and we only know what it looks like when the whole picture comes together. God knows what it is supposed to look like…if I seek Him all the rest will come together. (Matthew 6:33)

5 steps to help plan a Spirit-led school year:

1. Pray. Seems simple. Often overlooked. Essential to success. Not only praying as you plan, before you plan, after you plan…daily, moment-by-moment. God is in every detail of our lives and we need to seek Him as we plan our days, start our daily lives, and balance family, home, school, life and more.

2. Leave blank days. Um, not just leave them…schedule them. There are days where I know we will do independent work, but that does not take all day…there is room to grow, to play, to discover. These days are the days we can follow what God puts before us — opportunities for service, following our peanuts’ interests, time to find the joy of our home and life.

3. Seek. God is with you. He’s all around you. But often we let the hands on, immediate needs, squeaky wheels part of life direct our steps. A small quiet time with God, in the Word, can change the course of a whole day. Even if you don’t see it on the page. God gives us what we needed when we need it, and if we start the day with our hearts toward Him God can use those moments to whisper to our hearts all day.

4. Grace. Jesus pours into us and whispers to our souls, and then we get caught up in our own ideas. We push to become super mom or live up to the ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. It is easy to become hard on yourself, and your kids. But, if we are focusing on the goodness of God, the grace of God, we can give ourselves grace in our shortcomings, in our undone to do lists…and we can pour out grace on our children as we guide them through the exploration of life.

5. Playdough not rocks. Your plans, your ideas, your life….let it be mold-able, changeable. Leave room, and be ready for the Spirit to whisper, to open doors for you and show you how to reach  your children hearts.

I’m still here. My stack of books. Praying and seeking. Planning and dreaming. But in it all I hope, I pray, I’m ready for God to put our puzzle together. That at the end of the year we can look back and see Jesus and lil hearts growing toward Him.

2 thoughts on “Spirit Led Homeschooling Planning

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  2. Thanks, have a great year….and I will emember what u said about praying. It’s true! God will lead us with our children. I was just thinking this same thing yesterday. How important it is for kids to just be kids and discover the world around them just the way they want to sometimes, like I did when I was young. It’s such a gift to get those quiet times as a child, to have the world at your finger tips. God bless you homeschool mom!

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