05 Aug

So, We Wait

I am not a good waiter.

As in not good at waiting. {not as in serving food…although I am really clumsy and wouldn’t be good at that either…but I digress}

I am not a good waiter.

It was two months ago yesterday {yes, I am counting} ┬áthat we got the call. “YOU’RE APPROVED!”

And yet despite two possible placements, nothing has panned out.

On the radio I hear ads for Foster Parents  needed.

On Facebook I watch the posts from Virginia Adopts.

So many in need and yet our little foster peanut bedroom remains empty.

I pray.

I wait.

I clean the bedroom.

I wait.

I grumble, groan and complain about so many in need and yet….

I wait.

This weekend I began reading “Instant Mom by Nia Vardarlos {of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fame}. The book, a funny and touching look at her journey to adoption from foster care, reminded me. I need to wait.

And wait well.

The moment Nia and her husband, Ian, meet the little girl…their daughter…they know it. They just know it. In the weeks and months after meeting her they face many, MANY challenges and difficult behaviors, but their love and commitment to the sweet little girl never waivers. And it was in those passages that I exhaled and really began to think of this journey we are on.

God has a plan.

God is getting us ready for a child….children. {hunky hubby and I have known from the almost the very beginning there is more than one headed this way}

When it is right…God’s “right”…there is no wait that was too long or price that was too high.

And here is the truth about the wait…it has nothing to do with me….this child…these children…they are going through hell.

There is nothing pretty about foster care, about the journey and trauma that bring a child from there to here. There is loss, pain, difficulty, hurt lil hearts, scared lil bodies and the ugliness of this world. {and writing that sentences reduces me to tears} Our family has opened our hearts…we are ready and willing to love and share life with more kids. But, to get here they have to hurt and live through things that no child deserves….and that is beyond heartbreaking.

So, we wait.

There is much prayer in these long moments. Prayers for protection and love. Prayers for grace and mercy. Prayers that we are ready.

Prayers to make me a better waiter.

I believe God has a plan…and it will be perfect and worth the wait.

{Will you join our family in prayer for the peanut(s) that will come into our home?? Will you pray for their protection and His grace…for their families and the men & women involved with their cases? Will you pray that I wait in a God honoring, Jesus-giving way?}

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