22 May

So Many Shoulds, Just One Meant


There is a mountain of laundry.

There are squiggles drawn by tiny fingers in the dust on the entertainment center.

There are dishes in the sink.

There are weeds waging a battle for space in the garden.


There is so much I should be doing.


There are dust bunnies sneaking out from under the couch.

The dogs smell like….well, they stink.

The cobwebs have grown bold and are mocking me.

The “to be filed” pile has outgrown the file cabinet.


Oh, there are things that I should be doing.


Across the carpet that needs to be vacuumed there is a trail of school books crayons, pencils and scissors. Little feet kick in the air, while little brains wrestle with numbers and letter sounds. Foundations of lives of learning and hearts for God are being molded this minute.

I wish my house was spotless. I wonder what it would be like to be a woman who cleans and organizes all day long. And while I suddenly feel the need to tell you that we aren’t living in filth and that I DO clean, the truth is it is not my primary goal.


This moment.

The walls echo with counting and reading.

“Look mom, I wrote 12 just like Jesus’ 12 disciples.”

“Mom, for my reading time can I read the Bible?”


It is these moments that I know this is what we are here for. When life weaves together and they chose to see life through the lens of Jesus. Where numbers equal details of Bible stories and hearts long for a little more Jesus instead of Ramona or Junie B.

I started a new addiction today….pinterest. And as I was browsing for the first time I saw a scripture reference.

 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

Our children are young, and I often hear, “when they get older, you’ll see” “or they are young, you don’t know this yet, but…”.

But this much I know.

Our children are young. Their little feet aren’t even dusty yet from walking the path of life with Jesus. But right now, as we walk together as momma holds their hands, they are learning to hold onto Jesus. That this world is designed to live for Him…with Him.

There will come a time when they are older…we are older…that momma will have to let go. And when they look back, they will see a momma waving them on in life and when they look ahead they will find Jesus holding their hand and leading the way.

Today, I choose homeschool and lovin’ on my babies. We’ll write our ABC’s in the dust, ignore the bunnies peeking out from under the couch, and the laundry can wait.

Oh, this is what I am meant to be doing!

2 thoughts on “So Many Shoulds, Just One Meant

  1. Amen, Wendy!!!! We tell people our house is lived in and loved in! And since today is Lane’s 23rd birthday, and the first year we’ve not been able to celebrate it together, it is even more poignant. God bless you!!

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