18 Jul

Power Ranger Truth

The red one muttered something about evil winning, darkness overtaking them.

The yellow one said, “You can’t walk away. You can’t give up.”

The green one said something about being a team and friends and they wouldn’t let one give up.

(don’t you love the in-depth play-by-play so far??)

The show droned on and on (and on, and on, and on…), but I sat pondering the Truth that was just acted out in a cheesy, kids’ show kinda way. I had no idea in the next few days God would call me to become the yellow or the green Power Ranger (yep, Power Rangers!) in my own life….that I would be the one speaking the truth of perseverance and living out Biblical concepts of friendship.










(just on a side note…how crazy cool is God that He can use a kids’ show to point me to Him and having me ponder a truth that I would need in the coming days?!?!?!?! Really.)

The truth is the pat answer (although entirely correct answer) of “we live in a fallen world” doesn’t make me feel any better when illness and disease attack those we love; when accidents cut short lives and change family landscapes; when parents grieve and worry for children; and life is full of “stuff” sometimes. When I look at things from my perspective, the human perspective, the self-centered perspective there’s no joy in suffering, there’s no hope in tomorrow, there’s no reason for the hard stuff.

BUT!! (oooh, there is always a but with God….filled with hope, redemption, restoration and love…if we choose to accept it!)


We aren’t meant to see things from a me centered place. We were made to worship an eternal God who shapes us and molds us, refines us and loves us into people shaped more like Him. And let’s be honest…shaping, molding, refining and tough love aren’t easy.

But this is where the truth of the Power Rangers comes in. We weren’t meant to do it alone. As those redeemed by Christ we are placed in a family of believers — that is SO MUCH BIGGER than just going to church together or sitting in a Bible study. It is a body…connected pieces…meant to work together and for each other. Meant to encourage and carry each other.

We are meant to be a team (costumes optional) that changes the world in Jesus’ power and along the way holds each other up.

I have dear friends that are going through “stuff”…the ugly cry, don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, sometimes life is just hard….”stuff”.  And I can’t fix it. I have no tangible way to make their days better or their hearts less troubled.

BUT! (ooh, that awesome, wait for it…the hope comes after the “but” moment)

BUT!! I know the ONE who can make a difference. Intimately. You see my friends and I belong to the same family. The same family. We live under the same covering. We are Jesus’ people.

So as these days are tough and slow for them, I am donning my green costume (cuz it matches my eyes) and I might even do some kicks and flips (um, yeah). Okay, well, at the very least I am living out the truth that I was reminded of as my children watched the tv…

Carry each other’s burdens…(Galatians 6:2)

I will be very intentional about friendship and life. Texts of encouragement, calls to just check in, knees red from interceding, scripture in emails and cards, and just love.

Because the truth is…we are a team and we won’t let anyone give up…

So who needs you today?

Who needs your encouragement or support?

Look around, ask God to lead you to them and get ready. Evil is waging war, darkness threatens to overtake, but we know how the story ends…victory already won the war. Christ wins. Christ won. Today, live like a conqueror and remind His people of His hope!!

One thought on “Power Ranger Truth

  1. This is why I love the idea of the weekly cards in our study. They always brighten my day! Even the anticipation of the wait 🙂
    I must say that I do prefer tiedye as my costume choice-you can go with green-your green eyes shine His light so beautifully. Let your lasor beam shine The light, His light, the light of Jesus.
    Shine on Jesus Gurl!!!

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