19 Oct

I Know Why Jesus Wept

Husband fighting addiction.

Bodies wracked with chronic pain.

Children lost, searching for answers.

Mental illness causing chaos and family strife.

Money’s tight, bills are piling up, and there is no work on the horizon.

Words that cut to the soul…grace and forgiveness hard to grasp.

Depression lingers and heart is heavy.

I know why Jesus wept.

I’ve prayed with these women, and more, this week. Women struggling under the weight of life’s heartaches. Women broken. Crying.

It is late and I lay here in the dark, tears running down my cheeks.

And I cry out to God…they need you…they are hurting….help them….help me help them.

Yet He whispers to my heart…the day will come, I will wipe away their tears.

Tears shed in strangers living rooms or face buried in a pillow, none are missed by God. He collects them in His bottle. That even your tears are precious to your Creator….oh, that’s love.

As my tears fall, and I approach that “ugly” cry, I begin to understand why Jesus wept.

How do you carry these burdens? I whisper to God. How does your heart not break?

And He whispers, Jesus wept.

Standing before Mary, Martha, and the rest of the mourners Jesus is moved to tears. {John 11:35} Not for Lazarus’ death, for He knows the plan of raising him. No, Jesus weeps silent tears of compassion for those mourning in front of Him. Their broken hearts touch His, and cries with them…for them.



God’s glory shined on the other side of their tears. His plan for miracles, resurrection and faith building was watered by their tears…poured into their empty vessels. God had a plan, but still Jesus wept.

We are not left to suffer and cry on our own. No, dear friends, we are given a Savior whose eyes fill with tears of compassion and love.

God has a plan. There is glory for Him in the miracles, resurrection and faith building on the other side of this storm in your life.

So my friend, let me whisper to your heart, you are not alone in this. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior His heart beats for you…He weeps for you when you hurt, when it’s too much, when it’s hard. And I know, that I know, that I know that He waits for the day when He will forever dry your tears. And if He is not yet, your Savior, my friend, He waits for you…He’s whispering to your hurting heart come to me.

Tonight I am comforted by my God who tells me I’m not alone. Who reassures my burdened heart with reminders of what I know of Jesus and His love. As I lay my head down, I pray more…still…oh how they need You, Father.

Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you that you hear our prayers, that you collect our tears, that you gave us Jesus. There are so many women…families…people that are hurting and struggling under the weight of so much. I beg you, Father, touch them tonight…bring relief, comfort, rest…allow them to feel You, please. In the days and weeks ahead, please help me to bring comfort. To pray. To call. To show them tangible compassion. To remind them of Jesus. Amen.

2 thoughts on “I Know Why Jesus Wept

  1. Wendy this is so precious in perfect timing. Thank you for praying for all of us and for the wisdom and comfort you provide. I am so blessed in this, remembering God, Jesus in the flesh wept.
    May we all continue to pray for one another until something happens! There is such power in prayer.
    Again thanks Wendy. . .

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