06 Feb

Her Mama Heart

I don’t know her, but I lie awake thinking of her.

Worlds away. Oceans apart. Likely, we will never meet but she weighs heavy on my heart.

As she lays her head down tonight how is her mama heart? Do her children cry in the night? Are their bellies empty?

Just today my son was crying, nothing major just childhood disappointments, and I just wanted to comfort him…to soothe the wounds and quiet his sobs. I rocked my baby boy and in minutes he scampered off to do little boy things.

And as I tucked him in tonight I was aware of our blessings. Of comfortable pillows and fluffy blankets. Of full bellies and stocked refrigerators. Of home and heart. Of God and hope.

The house is silent around me. Little heads rest in little beds. And again I think of her.

How is her mama heart? When the basic needs of life lay unmet and heavy how does a mother soothe? When bellies are empty and hope seems dim how does she push through the day?

And what can I do?

Nothing seems real or tangible or doable from here. There has to be something between her and me…someone to be Jesus….to share Jesus…to meet her needs like Jesus would. Because I cannot reach. And I cannot imagine.

This is why we partner with Compassion International…my husband and I…our family. That’s what we are partners…we invest money, prayers and letter writing time…..a few loaves and a couple of fish. Compassion goes in Jesus  and our meager crumbs and flakes become food and clean water; education; medical care; life skills training; and Jesus in love, deed and Word!

The space between us is half a world, the hands that carry our little to her need are many, but when I close my eyes its nothing…just Jesus between her and me. Whispered grace that knows no boundaries of language or economics. The sun that warms her cheeks was created to give her the same warmth it gives me…her sun is my sun. My Jesus…I hope…is her Jesus.

And in this late night silence when my children lay tucked in with prayers and wrapped in our home’s blanket of faith,  I pray for her babies. That our partnership carries the Truth to their little ears into their hearts. That they would grow up knowing that Jesus came here for them…was for them…from them…loved them…and calls us all to reach out and care for “the least of these”.

That they would know it is circumstance that makes them least  and that there is a Savior that made them first. Made them rich. That it is His wealth that is their wealth. That it is His wealth that carries them now. That it is His wealth that He placed in our hands so that we might find a partnership…so that we might find them…love them.

And as I lay my head down tonight, I ask God to touch her mama heart. When little hands carry home letters, food and life’s joys may she see Jesus in them. When little bellies growl and her little is not enough may she seek Jesus with them. And when the the day is done and little eyes close for rest may she hear Him sing over her. For she is His delight…they are His delight…and it is in Him that we partner to touch her mama heart.

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