16 Jul

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

little pitchers have big ears

…amazing grace…

…how sweet the sound…

My voice fills the shower and just for a moment I don’t worry about how I sound.

It is about me and God. My heart offered to Him, in the brief quiet space that is all mine today.

…that saved a wretch like me…

The acoustics in the shower embolden me. The words strong and loud.

…I once was lost…

The real world begins to press in from just outside the shower. To do lists. Chores. Calls to return. Family to care for.

But just to linger for a moment…one more breath in this space with Jesus.

..but now I’m found….

Refreshed, recharged and dried off I stepped out of the bathroom to find my family sitting in the bedroom.

They were listening. My hunky hubby and sweet little peanuts were soaking up the edges of my worship.

“It was beautiful, that’s why we had to listen,” my husband told me.

Embarrassment threatened to ruin this moment, to rob me of my peace, to dry up the worship that still swirls around our hearts.

As a mother of two small children, the phrase “little pitchers have big ears” is familiar to me. That so much of what we say and do as adults pours right into the little ones. I try to watch what I say and save adult topics for when peanuts are elsewhere.

But ┬áin this moment I learned something…
















that little pitchers have big ears…and while I need to protect them from all that is more than they need to experience, I also need to fill them up! That hearing mommy worship — not at church or life group, but just as a girl reaching out to her God is huge!!

The truth is, people are watching. People are listening. Beyond our children there is a world full of broken people, empty people. And they are listening. They not only need to hear that Jesus loves them, but they need to see that we love Jesus. That sun or storm, easy or hard, Sunday service or long weekday, happy or sad. We love Jesus.

So friends, worship out-loud today – sing, pray, teach, tell!! Someone needs to see that Jesus works, and that loving Him (and being loved by Him) is what is meant to fill us up!

01 Sep

1 in 90,000

Faces turned heavenward, arms spread reaching for the hands of the Father, music just a shadow of the voices in praise…worship. Often on Sunday mornings I listen to the voices fill the auditorium and imagine that God is looking down. He kisses the foreheads of His children tipping their heads back for a glimpse of His face. With the strong and gentle hands of a Father He reaches down to grab His children’s hands. Imagine how His heart beats with delight in hearing their voices.

The thought always amazes me. An amazing picture.

This weekend I had the opportunity to view the Beth Moore simulcast. While the broadcast was amazing (and I will share another day what God gave me) there was something else that I could barely fathom.

90,000 people. There were 90,000 people in 516 locations (in 45 states and 8 countries) participating in the simulcast. That’s a lot of people, yeah?

90,000 voices. When Travis lead us in amazing worship moments there were 90,000 voices raised. Can you imagine how it sounded in heaven?

90,000 voices saying “I love you, daddy” and lifting their little hands and faces to Him.

And as I stood there amazed by the thought of being part of something that large. I was humbled in the same breath.

90,000 voices but He heard every one. God heard my voice as loud as the worship leaders. He kissed my forehead and touched my palms. He delighted in my singing (as off-key and choked up as it got!) as He delighted in our worship.

Father, thank you that when feel small, insignificant…just one of many…You remind me that You know me. Be it 1 in 20, 1 in 90,000, or 1 in million; You hear my heart and my voice as loud as any other. Thank you.

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