02 Mar

A Reminder to Laugh

On Facebook this morning there was a picture that reminded me of belly laughter. Of laughing so hard you cry. Of joy.

And today, I choose joy.

Even though the laundry is piled up.
Even though my children are arguing, again.
Even though this week is insanely busy.
Even though so many around us are broken and hurting.

Even though…

Isn’t it easy to even though ourselves right out of love, life, and joy. We find so many things to focus on that our BUTS become larger than our lives.

But Christ did not come so that we could live in defeat. He does not bear His scars that we might mark our days with sadness. He did not beat death for me…for you…for us that we would trudge through the dailyness of life and not look for His love, His joy all around us.

let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. 
Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.
Psalm 5:11

So, today…I choose joy.

I choose to belly laugh when I can. To smile instead of losing my cool over life’s little messes. I’ll turn on the music and dance my way through chores, school and   errands. 

Oh…and the picture that inspired my smiles this morning…

me, Susan, and Lee 
our mini-reunion at She Speaks 2 years ago.
Susan was trying to take a group pic with her new camera on a timer…many, many shots later non were perfect but this one was “perfect” to express the moment

Father, today I ask you for joy. Just as the spring rains come to refresh the land, bring the showers of Your love in fun and laughter to your daughters. Remind us to belly laugh and truly live the life that Christ came to secure for us. Amen

Have a belly laugh on me today….Read Dog Doo Dance (a page right out of my everyday life).

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